The IMPRESS interoperable platform.

The project aims to develop an interoperable platform consisting of both hardware and software components based on a modular and standardized cartridge concept.

The cartridges are designed to be inserted in an automated or semi-automated way into TEM specimen and aperture holders, as well as other instruments for preparation and characterization, including surface science tools, transport measurements, microfocus X-ray tomography instruments, and synchrotrons.

They provide the flexibility for samples to be cooled, heated, in vacuum, or in an inert gas across different methods and analytical techniques, while ensuring sample cleanliness is maintained.

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OPEN principles.

The advanced TEM instrumentation developed in IMPRESS aims to be highly user-friendly, adaptable and accessible to a wide range of scientific communities thanks to open standards, open components, open interfaces and open knowledge.

OPEN Standards

To ensure compatibility and facilitate integration with analytical tools.

OPEN Components

To enable the creation of customized TEM arrangements.

OPEN Interfaces

To allow for a seamless exchange of components and data between TEM instruments.

OPEN Knowledge

To boost sharing, drive innovation and promote progress.

An open cartridge-based system.

Overcome the limitations of current state-of-the-art TEM technology.

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Users and operators will be able to plan, design and carry out correlative experiments by easily transferring specimens from TEMs to other instruments and vice versa.



The IMPRESS platform, based on open standards, will be adaptable to the requirements of users from different scientific domains.



The IMPRESS cartridge will be transferrable between different segments of the electron microscope and across different instrumentation.

Innovative TEM developments.

The IMPRESS cartridge-based system will allow for seamless TEM operability.

electron sources

with enhanced beam properties and electron optical performance

optics and detectors

for advanced imaging and spectroscopy

sample environments

for in situ/operando experiments with multiple stimuli

software based on AI

for simulation capabilities and automation of experiments

A diagram of our modular electron microscope

The IMPRESS innovation ecosystem.

Our approach to design and deliver TEM instrumentation conceived at the highest level of open standards and interoperability.

In-Depth Dialogue

with SMEs, industries & scientific facilities
Synergy & Collaboration

among partners and with external stakeholders.

An Open Market Consultation will be an essential forum to exchange ideas and explore solutions.


Tender procedure

to develop innovative solutions
Pre-Commercial Procurement

Development of the e-CAT cartridge prototypes through a competitive tender process to compare alternative proposals and find the best solutions to scientific challenges.


Knowledge Exchange

among TEM users, scientists and technicians
Training Opportunities

to gain proficiency in the enhanced TEM capabilities developed within the IMPRESS project.

Meet our consortium.

A group of 19 partners from across Europe comprised of scientists, companies, experts in the field of electron microscopy and research infrastructures.