Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Founded in 1923, the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) relies on a human resource heritage of about 8500 people, of which over 70% employed in research and support activities to research, as well as infrastructural resources, consisting of 7 Departments, 88 Research Institutes, 30 research units at third parties, three permanent bases at the poles and 228 laboratories and facilities scattered throughout the Italian territory. Expert in developing instruments for analytical techniques, CNR participates in IMPRESS with four Institutes.

CNR-IOM conducts interdisciplinary research on the atomic scale physical properties of nanomaterials and systems. It has a centre for electron microscopy, six beamlines at the Elettra synchrotron radiation facility, and a centre for computational theory. The Centre for Electron Microscopy performs analysis of nanostructured materials and methodological applications. It includes a TEM/STEM laboratory, a SEM facility, and a sample preparation laboratory. It is led by Dr. Regina Ciancio, who is also the Project Coordinator of IMPRESS.

CNR-IMM is a multidisciplinary research centre with expertise spanning from material characterization to the study of micro- and nano-fabrication technological processes, and the design and fabrication of integrated devices.

CNR-Nano is an internationally renowned leader in the field of methodological and instrumental studies in TEM and in modelling and theoretical computation.

CNR-ISPC is the CNR hub for cultural heritage research, innovation, and technology transfer in cultural Heritage.

Our contribution to IMPRESS

CNR is responsible for the management and coordination of the project and will contribute to the scientific activities of IMPRESS, with special regard to WP5 and WP6.

We will also contribute to WP7-Dissemination, Exploitation & Training activities.

As a co-procurer, we will contribute significantly to all the steps of the pre-commercial procurement, from the definition of the technical requirements of the prototypes to be delivered, to their testing and adaptability to other instrumentation.

Our dedicated team

IOM Regina Ciancio's portrait

Regina Ciancio

IMPRESS Project Coordinator, TEM Specialist
IOM Roberta Ferranti's portrait

Roberta Ferranti

Coordinator & Administrative Manager
IOM Francesca Fortunati's portrait

Francesca Fortunati

Coordinator & Financial Manager
IOM Roberto Gotter's portrait

Roberto Gotter

Innovation and IPR Expert
IOM Elisabetta Narducci's portrait

Elisabetta Narducci

Open Science and IPR Expert
IOM Piu Rajak's portrait

Piu Rajak

TEM Specialist
IOM Marcello Ferrara's portrait

Marcello Ferrara

TEM & Electrochemistry Specialist

Ezio Cociancich

TEM Technician
IOM Simone Dal Zilio's portrait

Simone Dal Zilio

Nanofabrication Specialist
IOM Giorgio Rossi's portrait

Giorgio Rossi

NFFA Coordinator
IOM Giancarlo Panaccione's portrait

Giancarlo Panaccione

SPRINT-lab Coordinator
IOM Piero Torelli's portrait

Piero Torelli

APE-HE Coordinator
IOM Riccardo Cucini's portrait

Riccardo Cucini

FEL and HHG specialist
IOM Marta Brioschi's portrait

Marta Brioschi

UNIMI PHD Student in TR-spectroscopy at SPRINT
IOM Pietro Carrara's portrait

Pietro Carrara

UNIMI PhD Student in TR-Spectroscopy at SPRINT
IOM Pasquale Orgiani's portrait

Pasquale Orgiani

DigiMAT Coordinator and Correlative techniques specialist
IOM Andrea Fondacaro's portrait

Andrea Fondacaro

Vacuum/Instrumentation Specialist

Federico Salvador

Machinery Specialist
IMM Vittorio Morandi's portrait

Vittorio Morandi

TEM specialist & IMM Bologna Director
IMM Roberto Balboni's portrait

Roberto Balboni

TEM Specialist
IMM Andrea Parisini's portrait

Andrea Parisini

TEM Specialist
IMM Alessandro Gradone's portrait

Alessandro Gradone

TEM & Electrochemistry specialist
IMM Andrea Migliori's portrait

Andrea Migliori

TEM Specialist
IMM Alberto Roncaglia's portrait

Alberto Roncaglia

Nanofabrication Specialist
IMM Matteo Ferroni's portrait

Matteo Ferroni

TEM Specialist
IMM Luca Belsito's portrait

Luca Belsito

TEM Specialist
Nano Vincenzo Grillo's portrait

Vincenzo Grillo

TEM Specialist
Nano Enzo Rotunno's portrait

Enzo Rotunno

TEM Specialist
Nano Paolo Rosi's portrait

Paolo Rosi

Postdoc fellow in TEM
Nano Giovanni Bertoni's portrait

Giovanni Bertoni

TEM Specialist
Nano Gian Carlo Gazzadi's portrait

Gian Carlo Gazzadi

Nanofabrication Specialist

Stefano Frabboni

TEM Specialist

Marco Beleggia

TEM Specialist

Lorenzo Viani

TEM SpecialistUniMORE PHD Student in TEM

Caterina Chiari

UniMORE PHD Student in TEM

Kavkani Payam Habibzadeh

UniMORE PHD Student in TEM
ISPC Chiara Colombo's portrait

Chiara Colombo

Milan Unit Senior Researcher
ISPC Costanza Miliani's portrait

Costanza Miliani

ISPC Director