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CERIC is a research infrastructure integrating and providing open access to some of the best facilities in
Europe, to help science and industry advance in all fields of materials, biomaterials and nanotechnology, with a focus on energy materials and life sciences.
It integrates leading national research institutes into a unique international infrastructure, having its
statutory seat in Trieste – Italy, and its nodes distributed in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary,
Poland, Romania and Slovenia. In each country, a Partner Facility (PF) ensures access and outreach to
all national scientific communities and to users from all over the world, who compete for free access to
over 60 techniques available through a single entry point and based on the use of electrons, ions, neutrons and photons for the analysis and synthesis of materials. CERIC’s varied offer is complemented by the participation to the open access programme by a number of Associated Facilities, offering access to other complimentary state of the art techniques and support laboratories in France, Greece and Italy.
CERIC’s services are also open to commercial users on market-based conditions.

Our contribution to IMPRESS

In IMPRESS, CERIC is involved in multiple work-packages, from Project Management and coordination, adaptation of the interoperable platform to other techniques and further technical developments, and operando applications in battery research, to the implementation of the communication and dissemination plan. In particular, CERIC will lead the strategy and implementation of the training actions to promote the new TEM solutions and initiate RI staff in their optimal use. 

Our dedicated team

Dariusz Jan Brzosko's portrait

Dariusz Jan Brzosko

User Programme & Institutional Relations Manager
Giulia Puppini's portrait

Giulia Puppini

User Office and Strategy implementation officer
Marcello Turconi's portrait

Marcello Turconi

Science Communication Officer