Making TEM more accessible and user friendly.

IMPRESS stands for Interoperable electron Microscopy Platform for advanced RESearch and Services. Our goal is to design and deliver TEM instrumentation conceived at the highest level of open standards and interoperability.

The architecture of this innovative platform will be based on interchangeable components that can be readily customized by scientists and further adjusted, taking into account the needs of users from different scientific communities.

We aim to make TEMs flexible so they can be adapted to a diversity of multimodal experiments, instead of adapting experiments to TEMs.

The concept explained.

To gain a better understanding of the project, watch and listen to the complete presentation of project coordinator Dr. Regina Ciancio during the kickoff meeting in February 2023. In her presentation, she provides a detailed summary of the project, covering its purpose, objectives, implementation strategy, and potential impact. 

Additionally, scientific coordinator Prof. Rafal Dunin-Borkowski emphasizes the significance of the project for the TEM community.

IMPRESS work plan at a glance.

Our work plan is divided into a set of seven related modules (work packages), each performing essential tasks and delivering crucial support.

FAIRcube: the IMPRESS open knowledge and innovation hub for TEM.

The IMPRESS project aims to establish the first open knowledge and innovation hub for TEM: FAIRcube. The hub will manage and share scientific, technological, and operational data in an accessible repository based on FAIR principles and aligned with the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) ecosystem.

FAIRcube will provide a dynamic space to access and exchange information, enabling collaboration between developers, experienced researchers, and newcomers. The FAIRcube approach will drive research and innovation, providing a foundation for IMPRESS to incorporate ideas from scientific communities outside the consortium.