Corvers Procurement Services

Corvers is a leading legal consultancy firm specialized in European public procurement law, innovation, procurement economics, IPR, ICT and contracting. Corvers has extensive proven expertise in providing independent professional services relating to public procurement and innovation procurement in particular towards EU public buyers, institutions and agencies for over 20 years. The Corvers team consists of high level and dedicated professionals driven to use their knowledge and expertise to deliver high quality guidance, support and advice and create a positive impact. The Corvers’ experts are regular invited speakers to numerous events (both on national and European level) relating to public procurement and innovation and are experienced trainers in the field of innovation procurement. 
Corvers is and has been involved in a number of high level European projects (EU funded and non-funded), relating for instance to innovative health solutions, security, transport, sustainability, innovative solutions for public utilities (e.g. water) and construction (public buildings, social housing, road infrastructure).

Our contribution to IMPRESS

Corvers’ expertise includes vast knowledge on ICT related issues (e.g. open source strategy and licensing agreements), IPR management, value engineering, business case development, Prior Art Analysis (including IPR search and State-of-the-Art Analysis), and venture capital investments within innovation procurement projects.

In IMPRESS Corvers’ main task is to prepare and give guidance on the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) - including giving a training on PCP - and to support in the tendering procedure and the contract implementation, specifically with regard to the further adaptation and further developments of the interoperable platform.

Our dedicated team

Stephan Corvers's portrait

Stephan Corvers

Founder & CEO
Beatriz Gómez Fariñas's portrait

Beatriz Gómez Fariñas

Legal Procurement Advisor
Ana Lucia Jaramillo Villacís's portrait

Ana Lucia Jaramillo Villacís

Legal Procurement Advisor
John Rigby's portrait

John Rigby

Senior Policy advisor Innovation Procurement
Matty van Sloten's portrait

Matty van Sloten

Project manager & Communications Advisor EU innovation projects
Marleen Corvers's portrait

Marleen Corvers

Marketing & Communications
Maria Kampa's portrait

Maria Kampa

Managing Consultant & Senior Economic Procurement Advisor
Katerina Nikolaidou's portrait

Katerina Nikolaidou

Senoir Legal Procurement Advisor
Despoina Kotsi's portrait

Despoina Kotsi

Assistant Legal Procurement Advisor
Egli Rrokaj's portrait

Egli Rrokaj

Economic Procurement Consultant