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The transmission electron microscopy activity in Trondheim, Norway, is centered around the TEM Gemini Centre. Our research extends through various fields of solid state physics and materials technology, from cooperation with industry on aluminum to magnetic materials and nanomaterials. During the last years, the group has focused on open source TEM software and become a large contributor to the community.

The TEM Gemini Centre consists of about 40 people - professors, engineers, postdocs, PhD and MSc students at the Department of Physics at NTNU and research scientists on TEM at SINTEF Industry, materials and nanotechnology. The Centre owns and runs three TEM instruments all installed in 2013, ranging from a double-corrected JEOL ARM to conventional LaB6 all-round instruments.

The overall objective of the TEM Gemini Centre is to build and secure a robust scientific TEM environment with high international profile for NTNU, SINTEF and academic and industrial partners.

Our contribution to IMPRESS

Our contribution to the IMPRESS project will be to develop software tools to automate magnetic in-situ experiments in the Transmission Electron Microscope. This will be done via Python scripting control of both the microscope itself and the detectors, combined with rapid and automatic live processing of the results.

Our dedicated team

Magnus Nord's portrait

Magnus Nord

Associate professor
Kristian Tveitstøl's portrait

Kristian Tveitstøl

PhD Student
Ton van Helvoort's portrait

Ton van Helvoort

Randi Holmestad's portrait

Randi Holmestad