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The expertise of the ICN2 lies at the nanoscale, where new properties, interactions and ways to exploit them in everyday life are being discovered. Among its goals is to bring together scientists from diverse backgrounds in the pursuit of better science, training and outreach to society, while also seeking out new ways to engage with industry.
Since 2014, ICN2 has been accredited as a Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence. The Severo Ochoa Programme, sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, aims to identify and support Spanish research centres that are among the world’s best in their specialty.
As a flagship research center in nanoscience and nanotechnology, ICN2’s mission is to open and explore new frontiers of knowledge at the nanoscale, and bring value to society in the form of new understanding, capabilities and innovation, while inspiring and providing broad training to the next generations of researchers.

Our contribution to IMPRESS

ICN2 will be one of the keys actors in the development and testing of the interoperable platform for TEM designed within IMPRESS. This platform will be achieved through a PCP procedure and further technical developments. More specifically, ICN2 will work on the part of the platform related to photocatalysis. In addition, ICN2 team will actively participate in WP6 developing software and automated protocols for data TEM analysis based on machine and deep learning methods.

Our dedicated team

Prof. Jordi Abiol's portrait

Prof. Jordi Abiol

Group Leader
Dr. Alba Garzón Manjón's portrait

Dr. Alba Garzón Manjón

RyC Researcher
Dr. Sara Martí-Sánchez's portrait

Dr. Sara Martí-Sánchez

Research Engineer
Marc Botifoll's portrait

Marc Botifoll

PhD Student
Ivan Pinto-Huguet's portrait

Ivan Pinto-Huguet

PhD Student
Jing Yu's portrait

Jing Yu

PhD Student