Area Science Park

Area Science Park is a national research body that has been working in research and innovation since 1978. Building links between research and industry, Area Science Park has accrued specific skills in conceiving, developing and implementing technology transfer initiatives, integrated systems and innovative services.

Area Science Park carries out research and develops connected services in the fields of omics sciences, new materials and data science. It has three laboratories on its premises: 

  • The Electron Microscopy Laboratory (LAME) is dedicated to the analysis of the nano-structural, electronic and chemical-compositional properties of materials with applications in electronics, sensors and in the energy sector;
  • The Genomics and Epigenomics Laboratory (LAGE) is dedicated to DNA and RNA sequencing analysis and genotyping for the study of viruses and pathogens of human, animal or vegetable origin;
  • The Data Engineering Laboratory (LADE) provides High Performance Computing and Data infrastrucuture for scientific data management based on FAIR-by design approaches. It also develops state of the art AI algorithms and techniques for developing advanced data services.

The laboratories, which can be accessed in an open access mode by researchers from academia and business alike, belong to networks of scientific collaboration and international research infrastructures.

Our contribution to IMPRESS

Area Science Park will contribute to the management and coordination of the project as well as to the scientific activities of IMPRESS, with special regard to WP5 and WP6.

Within the WP7 Area Science Park will organize a series of webinars dedicated to researchers focusing on business development & culture, management skills, venture capital, IPR, patents, markets and technology trends. Furthermore it will coordinate the planning for the exploitation of project results.

Remarkably, Area Science Park will have a key role in all the steps of the pre-commercial procurement, from the definition of the technical requirements of the prototypes to be delivered, to their testing and adaptability to other instrumentation. It will also contribute to create a synergistic dialogue between scientists and companies involved in the field as well as to industrial stakeholders in fields relevant to the application of the prototype, paving the way for a possible future demonstrator of IMPRESS.

Our dedicated team

Regina Ciancio's portrait

Regina Ciancio

Project Coordinator & Head of LAME
Fabio Tomasi's portrait

Fabio Tomasi

Head of project development and management unit
Silvia Zampese's portrait

Silvia Zampese

Project Manager
Maddalena Furlan's portrait

Maddalena Furlan

Head of Research Valorization Unit & IPR Expert
Luca Mercatelli's portrait

Luca Mercatelli

Technology and Business Analyst
Sara Mazzucco's portrait

Sara Mazzucco

Technology and Business Analyst
Manuela Masutti's portrait

Manuela Masutti

Innovation support & PCP expert
Stefano Cozzini's portrait

Stefano Cozzini

Data specialist & Director of RIT
Alberto Cazzaniga's portrait

Alberto Cazzaniga

Data Scientist
Alessio Ansuini's portrait

Alessio Ansuini

Data Scientist
Ruggero Lot's portrait

Ruggero Lot

Data Engineer
Tommaso Rodani's portrait

Tommaso Rodani

PhD Student
Roberto Pillon's portrait

Roberto Pillon

Head of Business Generation Unit
Andreea Sava's portrait

Andreea Sava

Business Culture Specialist
Alessia Banci's portrait

Alessia Banci

Financial Manager
Costanza Galbardi's portrait

Costanza Galbardi

IP information professional