TENDER 5 January 2024

The IMPRESS-PCP is now inviting tenders


Embark on an exciting R&I journey by joining the IMPRESS-PCP Call for Tender and leverage the Matchmaking Tool to find partners before applying!

We are proud to announce that the IMPRESS Pre-Commercial Procurement Call for Tender is officially open! We extend an invitation to all innovative companies operating within relevant domains to apply.

This Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process presents an opportunity for selected companies to join forces with the IMPRESS project consortium in crafting a cutting-edge cartridge-based interoperable platform for Transmission Electron Microscopy.

To facilitate meeting the tender criteria, a Matchmaking Tool has been devised for forging partnerships among companies, should they be willing to do so. Interested parties need only complete the Matchmaking Form, outlining their offerings and requirements. This information will be showcased on the website’s Matchmaking section, aiding in the exchange of expertise, skills and resources among potential partners whose needs align.


Bid submission: Procedure and helpdesk

In order to submit a bid, technology providers must register their company on Subreport: https://www.subreport-elvis.de/anmeldung.html

Once the company is registered, access to the Subreport platform (login) is via the following link: www.subreport-elvis.de

Through the Subreport platform, you can download the tender documents, receive notifications and upload documents for the submission of the bid. Registered users can also download the tender documents here: https://www.subreport.de/E88813442

The contact address for any questions related to the content of the IMPRESS-PCP Call for Tender is: impress-pcp@fz-juelich.de 

In addition, Subreport has a helpdesk in case of questions or problems related to the use of the Subreport platform:

  • oliver.mueller@subreport.de        phone +49-22198578-56
  • oliver.schulze@subreport.de        phone +49-22198578-23
  • TeamViewer option in case of questions or problems


Bid submission: Important deadlines

  • 30th January 2024 (13:00 hrs CET): Deadline to receive comments on IPR clauses. Comments on the IPR clauses sent after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.
  • 15th March 2024 (13:00 hrs CET): Deadline to receive questions (including comments). The lead procurer reserves the right not to provide answers to questions submitted after the deadline.
  • 26th April 2024 (13:00 hrs CEST): Extended deadline to submit the Bids. Bids submitted after the deadline are not eligible and will not be taken into consideration.*

Once the PCP Call for Tender concludes and a diverse set of companies with varied scientific and technological expertise are selected for the PCP tendering process, they will engage in a competitive three-phase development journey. The initial phase involves designing innovative solutions and verifying their technical and economic feasibility. The most promising prototypes will undergo development and testing at the lead procurer’s facilities during the second phase. The final phase will witness testing and validation of the chosen prototypes in operational environments.

Collaborative endeavors between companies, scientists and end-users will culminate in establishing the IMPRESS innovation ecosystem. This Research & Innovation journey presents an exciting opportunity for companies to expand the horizons of TEM, unlocking business prospects and easing access to new sectors and markets.

For clarifications or queries regarding the PCP procedure, you can also delve into our comprehensive Q&A list addressing Technical Matters, Open Innovation and the PCP Procedure.

Join the IMPRESS-PCP Tender: www.subreport.de/E88813442

Access the Matchmaking Tool: e-impress.eu/pcp/#matchmaking


* updated on 12/02/2024