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PCP EVENTS 27 June 2023

PCP: two upcoming events to find out more about IMPRESS and how you can be part of it


Join us for two information events focused on an exciting opportunity to collaborate with us through the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) process.

We are delighted to announce two upcoming information events focused on the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) procedure and its potential to make you part of our research and development journey.

On July 25th you can meet us at the Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting M&M 2023 in Minneapolis (United States). During a special IMPRESS Supplier Event, which will be held from 13:30 to 15:00 (Local Time), we will announce the upcoming Open Market Consultation (OMC) and provide exhaustive information about the IMPRESS project and how you can be part of it through the PCP.

On September 1st we will hold an IMPRESS Open Market Consultation (OMC) Event at Lindner Hotel Airport in Düsseldorf (Germany). This half-day event (9:00-12:00 Local Time) can be attended either in person or remotely, and is the right occasion to dig deeper into the modalities of the PCP tender. This event will explain all you need to know about the PCP tendering procedure and how you can join the tender.

In a nutshell, PCP is a demand-driven approach supported by the European Commission to advance research and development services in Europe and stimulate the development of innovative solutions to address societal challenges.

In the IMPRESS project’s framework, the PCP will allow innovative companies to join us in developing a novel cartridge-based interoperable platform for TEM. By using a PCP tendering procedure, selected companies with diverse scientific and technological expertise will be involved in a competitive development process composed of three phases.

During the first phase, innovative solutions will be designed and their technical and economic feasibility will be verified. The most promising prototypes will be developed and tested at the lead procurer’s premises during the second phase. In the final phase, several prototypes developed by chosen companies will be tested and validated in operational environments.

Joint efforts between companies, scientists and end users will lead to the creation of the IMPRESS innovation ecosystem. This research and development journey is an exciting opportunity for companies to expand the horizon of Transmission Electron Microscopy, while opening up business opportunities and facilitating access to new sectors and markets.


We invite you to register to the IMPRESS Event in Düsseldorf by filling in this form.

The half-day event in Düsseldorf can be attended either in person or remotely. If you attend in person, you can book a room at Lindner Hotel Dusseldorf Airport for the night of 31/08/2023 using the code “IMPRESS Meeting” (valid until 24/07/2023).


Registration is not required for the IMPRESS Event at M&M 2023 in Minneapolis.

We invite you to express your interest in participating by joining the event page on LinkedIn.