FINAL Q&A 10 April 2024

IMPRESS-PCP Q&A: The definitive list is now available

Explore our definitive list of questions and answers compiled during the PCP tendering and preparatory phases to gain comprehensive insights and clarifications about the tender.

During the IMPRESS PCP tendering phase, which is currently open and accepting bids until April 26th, companies have had the opportunity to ask for clarifications on the tender. The abundance of queries received has enabled procurers to compile a comprehensive list of Questions and Answers (Q&A), explaining various aspects of the PCP (Pre-Commercial Procurement) Tender in full detail.

The definitive Q&A list is now available on the ELViS Subreport platform, where companies are required to register to submit their bids, as well as in the PCP section of this website. The 36 questions submitted after the launch of the PCP Call for Tenders have been divided into four categories: General questions (7); Technical questions (16); Questions on IPR (5); Questions raised during the PCP Call for Tenders webinar (8).

One of the main concerns emerging from the general queries (Q&A 1-7) regards the tender requirements that should be met during the bidding phase and the three PCP phases, and what happens if they are not met. Other questions explore eligible costs, competitive advantages gained by participating in the PCP process and project’s work packages involved in the PCP.

Most of the questions, however, cover technical issues (Q&A 8-23). Several queries revolve around the standardized interface concept and the e-CAT cartridge concept, also addressing issues such as multifunctionality and interoperability. Such questions have provided an excellent opportunity to dig deeper into this core aspect of the IMPRESS project, further clarifying what requirements the prototypes should satisfy.

A few questions are devoted to IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) issues (Q&A 24-28), allowing procurers to better explain the open innovation approach of the project. In particular, it is clarified that technology providers have the possibility to patent the results generated during the PCP, provided that they comply with the open hardware and open software requirements.

Finally, a number of questions were asked by attendees of the informative webinar for the PCP Call for Tenders, held online on February 23rd (Q&A 29-36). These questions cover a variety of topics, ranging from cartridge requirements to budget and eligibility, as well as the type of support and benefits that selected companies would gain from their collaboration with the IMPRESS project.

This wealth of information is complemented by the list of questions and answers gathered during the OMC (Open Market Consultation) phase. Indeed, the inputs received from the broader community of TEM users, technology vendors and all other stakeholders during the preparatory phase were crucial in providing insights into the PCP procedure, as well as into technical and open innovation matters, in preparation for the IMPRESS-PCP Call for Tenders.

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